"And I have one of those very loud, stupid laughs. I mean if I ever sat behind myself in a movie or something, I'd probably lean over and tell myself to please shut up." -J. D. Salinger

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I Am a Revenant // Portrait

Posted on: Thursday

Joy comes in many forms. For me it came in the form of my trusty green ipod that I've been missing for about 4 years now. I have not had music in my car for almost a year! CD player? Dead. Radio? You're joking, right? This is Idaho! No good music on that since the beginning of time. Forget the radio. It's dead to me too. Which leaves me with my trusty transmitter. But alas, when I got my new iphone last year it was not compatible. And no sign of that green ipod was to be had. So. I went 10 months without any music in my car. It gave me a lot of thinking time when driving to and from work. But who needs extra thinking time. Nope, not me. Take it away. Now. And then I couldn't take it anymore. I tore everything upside down and still couldn't find it. But it was found! I can always trust Annareigh to have something of mine she "knows" she doesn't have. But who cares, I now have music. So if you need to find me I'll be in my car blasting The Distillers and screaming from the top of my lungs "I am a Revenant". Or possibly in these alleyways with Annareigh. Much joy to be had now.

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