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10.25 // Wardrobe

Posted on: Sunday

Did you ever see The Guardians of the Galaxy this summer? Because I did. And it's the coolest movie I've seen all year. And it's October. Which is saying something, don't you think? So when it started playing at the cheap theater this week Annareigh and I decided we had to see it again. For $3 a person why would you not? So we pull up to the theatre and notice the movie isn't listed on the marquee. Annareigh and I looked at each other and thought nahhh... It said on the website it's playing here so it'll say it inside. We get inside and what do you know, it's not playing at this theatre but the one clear across town... Noooooo! But we decided since we'd already seen it, it wouldn't be a big deal to miss the first ten minutes. We get back in the car and head downtown, pay for the tickets and head inside the theatre room.

What's funny is that I had never actually been to that theatre in downtown before. So when I walked into the room and was greeted with stairs right away it kinda took me off guard. And you know what? Those stairs aren't even. One long step, two short steps, one long step, short step, long step, two short, you get the idea. SO obviously I fall while walking up the steps. And then I hear Annareigh fall with a loud "SHIIIT!".  And then she gets back up and falls again. Hahaha. We finally get to our seats and what do you know, the previews barely started! We made it! So we're watching the previews when the preview for Guardians of the Galaxy comes on. Huh. That's weird. Why would you play the preview to a movie that we're about to see? So we sit and watch it. And then the movie starts and I'm thinking, did I miss the first couple of minutes the last time I saw it? Annareigh turns to me and says, "I think this is just a preview to the Ninja Turtles...." So we sit and watch that for a couple of minutes. Only, it's not a preview. WE WENT TO THE WRONG THEATRE ROOM.

So pretty much we were idiots that day. But we took some pretty fun pictures beforehand so I think that makes up for it. Cropped top is from Asos, skirt-f21, shoes-I couldn't tell you, and belt is probably thrifted.

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Amber Dennett said...

Stunning outfit


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