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Posted on: Saturday

The other day Annareigh and I went wandering around the woods behind the house. So much time was spent in there when we were younger. I remember how Rene and Anthony would spend hours in there building teepees. I always wanted to help but of course they would never let me. I remember Rene running home to grab a soda and I begged him to let me play with them. Reluctantly he took me back with him to the woods and as he was showing me the inside of one of them we heard a noise. As we peered out we saw the largest moose I had ever seen, and it was only twenty feet away. We scrambled back into the teepee and waited until the coast was clear. Out of all the time spend in the woods this is one of the memories I remember the most, teepees and moose. 

2 notes:

Miss C said...

That is an awesome memory! A Moose?!

chelsey said...

haha yes! moose aren't uncommon around here at all but it's still fun to see them when we do!

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