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Candy Apples

Posted on: Wednesday

This was my first time making candy apples. In fact, I've never even eaten a candy apple before, so this was my first time tasting one as well. I got the recipe from A Beautiful Mess which turns out she got from Martha Stewart. The directions were really simple but I figured there had to be something I was going to mess up on. Because lets face it, any time I try something new for the first time something is bound to go wrong. Especially in the baking department. I read the directions a million times and figured maybe this is the one thing that will go right for me! So as Annareigh and I were dipping the apples and setting them on the wax paper it dawned on me, did we have to butter the wax paper before hand? It didn't say anything on Emma's post that we had to.. I mean wouldn't she mention that in her post if she was reiterating Martha Stewarts recipe? So I did a quick check onto the original recipe and yes, of course you butter the wax paper before hand. So there you have it, my first candy apple recipe with bits of wax paper stuck to the bottom. At least they taste good! 

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