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Posted on: Monday

Overdressed is a book I think every girl should read. If you're just the slightest bit interested in clothes then you might just find this book fascinating. The book talks about how the quality of clothes have deteriorated and how the cost of fashion is just insanely cheap. Cheap. And aren't we all a little cheap? I can't think of a time when I've ever paid for an article of clothing or pair of shoes from Target for full price. And why should I? I know it's going to go on sale. And I know no one else is going to buy it because for some reason very few people buy their clothes at Target in Southeast Idaho. Maybe they don't know Phillip Lim does collaborations with Target. Or maybe they just don't know who Phillip Lim is. But anyway, the quality of clothes was not what I meant to get at in this little post of mine. While the book on the whole was extremely fascinating, what got to me the most was in the writers very first chapter; the amount of clothes she owned. And it was as follows:
" I owned sixty-one tops, sixty t-shirts, thirty-four tank tops, twenty-one skirts, twenty-four dresses, twenty pairs of shoes, twenty sweaters, eighteen belts, fifteen cardigans and hooded sweatshirts, fourteen pairs of shorts, fourteen jackets, thirteen pairs of jeans, twelve bras, eleven pairs of tights, five blazers, four long sleeved shirts, three pairs of workout pants, two pairs of dress pants, two pairs of pajama pants, and one vest."
Holy cow. That's a lot of clothes. And I was just so fascinated with how a single person could manage to own sixty-one tops! Suppose you wore a couple dresses and t-shirts in between all those tops. You would never end up wearing the same thing for months! After reading that I decided I had to see what was in my own closet. And before I list my laundry let me first tell you a very common misconception about me. Many people assume that my closet is very large filled with endless amounts of articles of clothing. And while it's true that my closet it large, it is only half filled with my clothes. I always find those statements to be so annoying. So here we go: 
I own six jackets, eight sweaters, one cardigan, four blazers, seven t-shirts, eleven sleeveless shirts, fourteen dresses, four long sleeves, six skirts, seven shorts, five jeans (two newly acquired), two pairs of leggings, and fourteen pairs of shoes. 
I didn't find it necessary to include my underwear or pajamas because lets face it, I wouldn't be caught dead wearing my pajamas in public. So there you have it, that is all the articles of clothing I own. It's quite a smaller list than the first one right? I quite like my list of clothes better than the first one. I've never felt the need to own endless amounts of clothes. And I don't understand those who do. I feel that if you don't know what you own then it's practically the same as not owning it, and therefore you should probably get rid of it anyway. I know of some people who live by a certain philosophy when buying clothes and that is when they purchase one article of clothing they must get rid of another. But that's not something that I try to do. I simply get rid of what I don't wear. And sure at the end of the week half my closet is in my laundry basket, but at least I'm wearing what I own. So clean out your closets! You'll be happy you did ;)

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