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How I Saved My Leather Jacket

Posted on: Sunday

    Not all faux leather is created equal. Some can be as soft as butter and just all around perfect. And others, like my jacket here, can also be very soft but squeaky. Squeaky I tell you. I've purchased a couple different things from Zara that had faux leather on it; leggings, dresses, shirts. The faux leather on these pieces were all very soft and completely noise free. But this jacket here is the complete opposite. It squeaks. It was bad enough that I contemplated sending it straight back. But it was just too beautiful of a jacket that I decided I would try and find some way to fix the problem. 
    So what do you do when you have a squeaky leather jacket and you're on your way to work and you just really really want to wear it? You flour it. Wait, what? Yes, you heard me right. I floured my leather jacket. As in, I grabbed a cup of flour, sprinkled it over my jacket and rubbed it all over. And you know what? It worked. But only for a short time. But it worked! It's probably not something I would recommend to everyone though, as when I arrived to work and shared my story with my coworker who laughed hysterically, and then revealed that maybe it wasn't the best idea as flour or any powder could possibly dry out the leather and cause it to crack. Silly me.
     And while my leather jacket managed to find its voice again at work it also managed to catch the eye of a customer who exclaimed,"Wow! You look like a badass! Do you drive a motorcycle?" Ha ha ha ha ha. Why thank you kind sir, for thinking I look like a badass. But if you were to know how I had floured it in such a rush that morning and then managed to fall down the stairs as I was heading out to my car you would not think that word would apply to me. In my defense I had a backpack, purse and box of Halloween goodies to mail to my sister and her kids. In the stairs defense there were only three steps and I had walked up and down them for years and should have known better. Still, not the true happenings of a badass.
   So while I don't recommend "flouring" a squeaky leather jacket, I do recommend that every girl have some sort of leather jacket in their wardrobe. I find that they are the best pieces to add to any outfit because it completely changes the look and feel of it, squeaks and all.

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Anonymous said...

So I think I have the same jacket as you... mine squeaks a lot. What should I do? Flour every time?

Chelsey Ceja said...

Haha I have just gotten used to the squeaks that it makes. I like to think of it as a regular winter coat, after all those things are hella noisy as well, right?

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