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Posted on: Wednesday

    I took these pictures back in the beginning of September I think. The scenery isn't as beautiful now what with sporadic snow showers, only to have them melt within a day or two. Like today. It snowed last night as I was heading home in the evening and I woke up to a snowy, slushy mess. Of course it would snow on Hallows Eve. And I'm sure the forecast for Halloween will be just the same. I can't remember a Halloween where we didn't have to wear our snow coats for trick or treating. That sure takes the fun out of dressing up when you're a kid! I suppose it's a love/hate relationship with that holiday here. Because who doesn't love Halloween?

2 notes:

Niken said...

i love the light peeking out in between the hills. so pretty

chelsey said...

thank you, it was a lucky shot!

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