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Dismantle Me // Wardrobe

Posted on: Monday

See these pieces? Fur vest, golden maxi skirt, and leather look skinny jeans. I've had each of these pieces for well over a year, and each of them needs some altering which I still have not done! Surprised? Don't be. It's just typical me. And I can't be the first to purchase clothing thinking I would get around to fixing it up! So let's talk about these, shall we? 

The Vest: The vest I got last Christmas from a gift card to Aeropostale. Ha. Of all the places to get a gift card from Aeropostale is the least of which I would ever purchase clothing from. However I did manage to come across this vest and it only came in a medium. So of course I bought it thinking I would just take it in. I did manage to finally rip the seams and cut the excess, I just haven't gotten around to actually sewing it together. Ah, such a simple task that was left but yet its still not done!

The Skirt: Ah, this skirt is from two summers ago haha. How embarrassing to even admit that! I got this from Forever 21 and it was a little too big so I took it in on the waist. It is really flowy though and I thought it was a bit unflattering so I cut out excess fabric on both sides. Again, all I have to do is sew it back together and then I'd have a new skirt. But this one is a bit trickier. The fabric is a bit different than what I've worked with in the past and I can't seem to get it to look smooth when I do sew it. I'll have to ask for my moms help with this one but I've never gotten around to doing that either.

The Jeans: These I purchased from Asos in the springtime. I got so confused with the UK sizing that these turned out to be a size bigger than I wanted. I just have to take them in on the waist and they should be good to go for the most part. The inseam was a couple inches too long and with zippers on the ankle I'm not sure how I would even fix that. Perhaps just be content with folding them under I suppose. 

But anyway, I really hope to get to sewing on these this weekend. Fingers crossed though!

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