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Posted on: Sunday

Ever wonder why I suck at posting things on my blog? Or perhaps the real question is ever wonder what it's like working in a pharmacy? Ever wonder why it takes so damn long to fill your prescription? This blog can tell you everything you need to know. A coworker and friend of mine posted the link on her facebook and I couldn't. stop. laughing. It's so accurate! I mean, minus the pretty girl walking by. It made me reminisce about the little things that have happened at work.
Like that one time that Doctor called wanting to call in a prescription for someone he didn't know.
Doctor: I need your help. I need to call in a prescription but I don't know the girls name.
Me: You don't know the patients name?
Doctor: No, but maybe you can help me. Do you know so and so's girlfriend?
Me: uhh no. Do you have a birthday I can look up?
Doctor: No.
Me: You don't know the patients name or have the patients birthday?
Doctor: No, but I need to call this prescription in.
Me: huh. ok.. let me hand you to the pharmacist.
Pharmacist: and who is this for? ... Do you have a birthday? ...
Ohhh I see! We'll just wait for a patient who comes looking for this exact prescription! Buehler.. Buehler.. Buehler..????! Haaaaa!!!!!!!!

Or that one time this patient came to pick up a prescription and was clipping her fingernails right at the counter. . .

Or that one time I tried filing an insurance claim that simply wouldn't go through even though I had all the information that was on their card. I called the insurance company to find out what the deal was and they decided that because we didn't put the area code in the womans profile they wouldn't pay for it. (!?!)

Or that one time that patient insisted the hydrocodone we filled for her was not the same thing her doctor had prescribed.
Patient: No, no, you see my doctor said he was going to prescribe Lortab which is stronger than hydrocodone.
Pharmacist: Lortab is the same thing as hydrocodone.
Patient: But on the prescription it said Lortab, so I want the Lortab.
Pharmacist: Lortab is the same thing as hydrocodone......
Patient: But you see I would like what was written on the prescription, what my doctor wrote it for.
Pharmacist: Lortab is the same @$&%?! thing as hydrocodone!!!!!!
Patient: oh.

Or that one time that patient came in to fill his prescriptions and he smelled so bad that I had to run to the bathroom and throw up and then quietly resume counting his pills.

You know, just the stuff that happens on the daily at work. Stuff that makes me forget I should perhaps post nicer things on my blog. So if you see lack of blog posts, this stuff is why.

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Vanessa said...

Wonderful post...I like your blog.^^
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Let me know follow you then back.
Lovely greets Nessa

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