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Hide Yo Kids ...Really

Posted on: Sunday

Saturdays. Sometimes you forget you were invited to an old friends baby shower after work. And sometimes you happen to be wearing an old cut off D.A.R.E. tshirt and hoodie which is not appropriate baby shower attire at all (thank God for leather jackets that can dress up anything you end up wearing, including old cut off shirts). Sometimes you end up picking at the pozole that was served because you've never really been sold on pozole in the first place. But then you have nothing to wash it down with because there isn't any water around so you sit there inconspicuously shaking the carbonation out of your soda because the only way you can drink it is if its flat. And then you end up winning the typical baby shower game of guessing how many safety pins were in the bottle (I count and guesstimate pills for a living...obviously this was a no brainer). And then sometimes you get asked when you're getting married and when you're having kids and do you want to hold this baby? (No, no, and no). And then sometimes a baby gets shoved into your arms anyway (noooooooooo) and you have to stand there pretending to know what to do with it (I mean, him). And then he starts crying because he knows the person who is holding him doesn't know what she's doing at all. And then when you decide you've had enough of this and decide to leave you get hit with "I'll be waiting for that wedding invitation!" And sometimes you're just really really glad that thought bubbles don't appear above peoples heads because if they did yours would probably say something like so: @?$%! ... !@&*#?! ... @!$%!! ... $%@?!!
Saturdays. What can you do. Oh that's right! You can go see Captain America with your sister! I love you Captain Rogers.

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