"And I have one of those very loud, stupid laughs. I mean if I ever sat behind myself in a movie or something, I'd probably lean over and tell myself to please shut up." -J. D. Salinger

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Posted on: Tuesday

One time we had a picnic in Teton Canyon where Gio became paranoid of bears. And then Annareigh put her face in those yellow flowers and had an allergic reaction so we had to run back into town for some benadryl cream. Then we ditched the place for Darby Canyon and messed around on the huge slide  because you just can't ignore that huge thing. And that's what happened that one day. 

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moiminnie said...

Just spent half an hour browsing through your blog! You're gorgeous, the photography is beautiful and I really like the carefree vibe of your posts, great job! // xx

Chelsey Ceja said...

Thank you! I recently found your blog and I am in love with your minimalistic styling, it's effortless. Thanks for checking mine out!

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