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Dear Tragedy // Wardrobe

Posted on: Monday

Hey, remember that time I went to a punk show in SLC with my sister and got my earlobe torn off? No? Oh that's right, cause that's what happened this last weekend. Big thanks to the crowd surfer who's belt latched on to my plug. Seven stitches later and my ear looks like it belongs on Sally Skellington. Also, another big thanks to my friend Treven who gave us a ride to the emergency room only to have passed it and managed to get us lost in the hospital searching for someone who would sew my ear back on. We must've looked so stupid wandering around those damn halls. Luckily the deed happened so fast that I have lost all feeling in my ear since the moment it was ripped out. Which is good because according to Annareigh I shouldn't have an earlobe at all. But hey! I do for the time being! And that's all that counts. We'll see what the verdict is once these stitches get taken out. In the meantime I'll be wearing my hair pinned back to one side so that it doesn't get stuck in the bloody mess that manages to creep its way out. What a weekend, I tell ya. 

p.s. this romper is so rad. I want to wear it all summer.

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