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Look Alive, Sunshine // Explore

Posted on: Saturday

Want to know what I did this morning? No? Then why you reading this shit. Ok, so a couple friends who are crazy awesome (don't let that get to your head Ben) invited Annareigh and I along to go float the river. And you know what? I have lived here pretty much my entire life and I had never floated the damn river before. Blasphemous, right? How can someone live in the Valley and not float the river?! *pick me, pick me*. So it's about noon when we finally get all of our shit together and make it out on the river and the sun is out, it's shining, there's a slight breeze and it's pretty damn perfect. Annareigh and I decide that we're going to join Gerry in the driftboat because that canoe looks a little too small. So that leaves Benji to that canoe all by himself and that guy manages to flip it right before we even get going! Ha! Ha ha ha ha. It was awesome. So now we're floating along and we pass a cute little moose that doesn't even care that we're perhaps a little too close for comfort. And then the clouds start rolling in..  And we get rained on. Rained on I tell you!!! We think we'll just sit it out for a moment but it keeps coming so we pull over and take cover in some bushes to wait it out. It went away eventually. And that is what we did today. Floated in the rain.

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