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Restless Moon // Portrait

Posted on: Saturday

    Are you superstitious? Cause I sure as hell am. Blame that on the fact that I'm Mexican, or Catholic, or that I've watched one too many scary movies in my life (but I still watch those scary movies because.....I just.....have to).
    Anyway, about a mile and a half down the road from these abandoned cars is an abandoned house with a couple of abandoned sheds and a tiny barn. Did I mention they are abandoned? Ha. I don't know what it is about empty houses but I have to go check them out. It's kind of a rule. So we crawled underneath the barbed wire fence to go have a look see. Lots of peeling wallpaper and broken furniture, pretty standard stuff for old abandoned houses. There was even the skull and spine of a bird that was left on the floor of the entryway which I thought was pretty cool. We were probably in the house for maybe five minutes when my dog, who was wandering out front near the sheds, started to freak out. Little Jersey isn't one of those dogs who barks just for the hell of it. So when she barks, we pay attention. But this wasn't any old warning bark. This was a full on stayawayfrommyhumansorsomethingbadisgoingtohappen kind of snarl.
So what do you do when your dog is spooked and shes kind of freaking you out?
Do you:
A) get the fuck out of there and never look back
B) look around to see what it could be
C) pretend it's nothing and carry on with your exploring

Answer: B. So very obviously B. I mean, she's never the kind of dog to bark at birds or anything like that but you should never rule that out as a possibility. But we didn't see anything.. And she wasn't letting up. So that's when you resort to answer A. We crawled back under that fence as fast as we could and were about halfway back to my car when I put my hands in my pocket and realized....I must have dropped my phone... Jersey was about a hundred yards in front of us leading the way back to the car so I called to her and told her I had to go back to find my phone. She turned around and gave me a look that clearly said,"Are you fucking kidding me right now Chelsey?!" And then she wouldn't come. She did not want to go back to that house. So we went back without her and searched along the fence until we found my phone. And then we got the hell out of there. Its kind of funny to think about it now but we were pretty scared at the time haha. And that about sums up that one day. It still won't stop me from checking out abandoned houses though.

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