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1.23 // Mexico

Posted on: Monday

Sometimes you end up flying out of the country on a whim to go see your Padrino because his health has taken a turn for the worse. Sometimes your flights end up changing constantly, so much that you miss your flight. And then when you finally get to your connecting flight the flight is delayed because the evacuation cards aren't correct in the plane so your plane isn't allowed to take off. You finally make it to LAX but then you have Delta and AeroMexico sending you back and forth because neither of them want to go through the trouble of finding you an earlier flight so then you miss the flight you were trying to get on because that airport is just a m*tha f*cking nightmare, and it doesn't help that you had to run back and forth between airlines trying to get someone to help you. And that's when you end up sleeping in the airport so you can catch the first flight out in the morning. And then you finally make it to Mexico City! But by that time you have missed visiting hours at the hospital so you have to wait until the next day. And then when you make it the next day only one family member per family is allowed into the hospital at a time. You're supposed to leave your ID card with an attendant before you're allowed in, and sometimes the attendant is a world class bitch because she tells you that your United States drivers license isn't sufficient ID!!! Bitch please! I just flew all the way down here and you're telling me I don't have sufficient ID?! But then you remember your Spanish sucks so you can't tell her off the way you would like to so instead you leave the hospital on the verge of tears and tell your Aunt what happened so that she could come to the rescue. But by the time you're actually allowed in you've lost time so you are only allowed ten minutes to visit. But you'll take what you can get. And then you go over your time because what else were you supposed to do when that Bitch wouldn't let you in? But you realize that for those twenty minutes you would go through the trouble of getting there all over again in a heartbeat. And then you have to fly home the very next day, and get this, those flight troubles did not end! But I would say it was worth every second of it.

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