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Labyrinth Rocks // Explore

Posted on: Saturday

One morning we woke up super early to check out Pupu Springs which is supposed to have the clearest water in all of New Zealand or the world or something. But it was raining..... So when it rains the water is not very blue or clear at all. I was kinda bummed but Riwaka made up for that because that was some crazy clear water! I can't imagine what Pupu Springs must be like. Anyway, we stopped at this Labyrinth Rock park where these rocks formed a natural labyrinth, hence the name. It was raining but we had umbrellas so that didn't stop us at all. It was so much fun wandering through the rocks and trees pointing out all the cool figures that the rocks had naturally made. If you notice in one of the pictures there's a rock that looks like an alligator! There were also some rocks that looked like two pigs kissing, it was so cool. Unfortunately what with the rain and darkness under the trees I couldn't get a legit picture of that. I'm not quite sure why, but there were all these little toy figures hiding in all the crevices of the rocks everywhere! Pretty random to see Wolverine and Hello Kitty hiding out in the rocks but ok.

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