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Riwaka Resurgance // Explore

Posted on: Saturday

How beautiful is this water?! Actually, you're going to hear me say that about almost every body of water in New Zealand. The water was actually pretty deep regardless of how shallow it looks. And this water was so so cold. They tried talking Kinzi and I into jumping in but we are not easily fooled, ha! So we stayed in Motueka on the South Island of New Zealand and this little place was only about a twenty minute drive from where we were staying. Everything was pretty close and didn't take long to get to other than maybe Hanmer Springs and Marlborough Sounds (more pictures on those later).

One of the things I found so fascinating about New Zealand was the variety of trees that grow. I felt like every kind of tree could be found there and they all grew together giving it this mountainous tropical vibe. I did so many rad things there. And oh yes, I did have the "pie". Meat pies! Basically like a pot pie that could be found in all the cafe's. I was explaining to one of the pharmacists we stayed with that you didn't find "pies" like that back in the States. They thought it was kind of odd. Ha!

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