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White Out

Posted on: Tuesday

There's just so. much. white. everywhere. Some days I find it quite lovely. Waking up to super foggy mornings can be such a dream. It's so clean, and the air is so crisp. But then you're running late to work in the morning and forget to defrost your car, so you scrape away a little hole in the windshield and pray to God that your car will defrost in time before you run into someone's car. That can bring you back down to reality pretty quick. 

This last weekend Lusio and I went out to a dinner party and didn't end up getting home until late. By the time we were heading home it was about ten thirty. The winds were blowing so hard that you couldn't see anything! Although I have to admit I was asleep for most of the ride home. I only woke up because I heard Lusio say something about how crazy the drifts were getting. I tell you, that woke me up in an instant! There's nothing worse that being the only ones in the middle of the night on terrible roads. Unfortunately (or fortunately) we weren't alone. There was a truck that had gone off the road and an old man sitting inside it waiting for who knows how long. It was super lucky that Lusio decided to borrow his dads truck that night because who knows how much longer that old man would have had to wait there! After scrambling around for some rope in the horrible winds Lusio managed to get him out. But that was this past weekend. It's now sunny and the snow is super slushy. Dare I say spring could be in the air..? 

2 notes:

Michele said...

Snow can definitely be scary. Although, here in Atlanta we rarely see it. Sometimes I wish we could at least get a taste. But then I think of the beach and the desire for snow quickly goes away.

Chelsey Ceja said...

Haha! Sometimes I wish I lived in a place with no snow! The only time I feel it's necessary is around Christmas time. But other then that I could definitely do without!

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