"And I have one of those very loud, stupid laughs. I mean if I ever sat behind myself in a movie or something, I'd probably lean over and tell myself to please shut up." -J. D. Salinger

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Note To Self V.1

Posted on: Sunday

"Note to self I miss you terribly. This is what we call a tragedy. Come back to me, come back to me, to me." Every time I start the phrase "note to self" I just have to finish it out that way. From First to Last anyone? Those were the days. Back when Skrillex went by Sonny Moore and had all his hair. Ohh high school haha. Anyway, I've decided to start a series about things I didn't know but now I do. A little note to self if you will. And they go as follows:

If one works in healthcare, lets just use pharmaceuticals as an example, one should not allow "I wanna be sedated" by The Ramones to be played on Pandora. The pharmacist will not be amused.

One should not play with ones septum ring in public. People don't know what's up there. (Not gold.)

One should not post the lyrics from the Misfits song "Last Caress" on Instagram pictures. Ones mother might think one has had an abortion. (I just like to shout the lyrics, ok? Quit getting all judgmental.)

In order to get ones oil changed, one has to have oil in the car to begin with. (uhhh, I knew that.) 

And that's all the little notes I want to give myself right now. To be continued. . . .

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