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West Coast // Wardrobe

Posted on: Thursday

sweater: zara

Cool things you should know of:

Karl Lagerfeld has created his own emojis. I was very excited and shared this news with a coworker, her response? "Who's Karl Lagerfeld?" (?!?) I can't even. The not so cool thing is its not integrated with the keyboard. Hurry up Karl. We don't have all day, we want to use those emojis now!

Brody Dalle has her own album coming out the 29th of this month. I'm really stoked. She's kind of a badass. Ok, scratch the kinda, she is a badass. I love all things Brody Dalle.

Alexander Wang is collaborating with H&M. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I cannot wait until November 6th. Day off from work for sure. Because for one, we don't have an H&M anywhere near here, and two, I need some Wang in my life.

Lana Del Rey's song West Coast. At first I didn't like it, weird right? But now it's on repeat. All. The. Time. Can't get enough of it.

This sweater. Quilted faux leather elbow patches? Gold zippers? Black knit? I don't ever want to take it off.

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