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And That's When I Realized..

Posted on: Monday

You know that moment right after you cut bangs and you realize it was a bad idea? I had that moment back in June. And sadly you can't take it back. But you think that if you take all the biotin in the world and you sweet talk to your hair that it will make things right in the end and all will be forgotten. "I promise that if you just grow three inches this month then I will never so much as look at scissors again! No, wait. I promise that if you just grow two inches this month then I won't even burn you with the straightener!" Ha! Who are you kidding. You need that straightener because your bangs look longer when they're straight! "Ok, ok, I got this. I promise if you grow one inch this month then I'll forgive you for ever doubting my love for you, ok? OK?!" But it doesn't matter, because as soon as you grow your bangs out somewhere down the line you're going to be a dumbass and cut them all over again. It's a never ending cycle. First world problems, oh well.
ps. we got a ton of snow. scarf season now.

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