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That One Time My Phone Tried To Self Destruct

Posted on: Wednesday

So one time (that would be Monday) I was getting ready to leave work and I was saying goodbye to my boss and coworker when my phone fell out of my jacket pocket. No big deal or anything, my phone manages to fall out of my pocket or purse on the daily. I used to think my phone was indestructable, those iphone 5's...they're tougher than you think, eh? This time when it fell out the screen slightly popped out. Not the worst thing that's happened to it so I didn't even think twice when I saw it what had happened. My boss started going on about how I should probably buy a case for my phone (I know, how do I not have a case?!) but I just shrugged it off and proceeded to pop the screen back in place. That's when a loud POP came from the phone and then a puff of smoke poofed out from the sides. Whaaaaaat...??? Did I just see that??? So I started pressing all the buttons on my phone, I mean, the two buttons that it has, but the screen was dead. And then my phone started to get progressively hotter in my hand, so hot that I couldn't even hold it anymore. I didn't know what to do so I turned around to the little sink in the pharmacy and drowned it. What else could I do? What if the thing ended up getting so hot on my way home that it just exploded in the car? That would be my sort of luck. I think this is the universe's way of telling me that maybe I spend too much damn time on my phone. Or that I need to buy a case.. Yeah.. That's what it's telling me.. Get a m*tha f*cking case already!

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