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Laundry Day // Wardrobe

Posted on: Sunday

Once upon a time I thought I would try to introduce color into my wardrobe. And that was the most awkward and uncomfortable month I ever had. Maybe it lasted for two months, who the hell knows. It's a time in my life that I like to block out because it's that painful.
A couple of weeks ago one of my older brothers was in a strap for cash so he started selling me his old clothes that he never wears (I am pretty notorious for wearing all the mens clothes, ha!) and he pulled out a teal sweater that he tried to get me to buy. Teal is a beautiful color, and I'm sure plenty of people can pull it off, but I could never feel comfortable wearing such a color. Not even on my nails. He also had in his possession a pair of goggles that he tried to sell me, and even though I do need some new goggles for this snowboarding season they had stupid little flowers on them. Sorry, but I could never be one of those girls who feels the need to "girlify" anything and everything, especially goggles. Besides, how did he end up with those in the first place? I had to break it to him that not all girly girls are created equal. I like my nails painted (black) my dresses and skirts (black) and my hair colored (black) just as the next girl does, I just don't feel the need to shout it from the rooftops in color. Besides, it makes it easier to do laundry when your clothes are practically all the same color ;)

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